How to Overcome Its Competitors on Google?

Marouane RHAFLI (Guest)

Marouane RHAFLI (Guest)

How to Overcome Its Competitors on Google?

How to Overcome Your Competitors on Google? This is the goal of any internet business: the first page of Google results. Or better yet, the first 3 links offered which alone concentrate the majority of the traffic. Only then, it is very difficult to find a place in the top three according to qualified keywords. And it is not uncommon for competing companies to beat you in it, thus draining more traffic, and therefore, more leads.

How to beat competitors on Google? What are 7 secrets to prancing in the lead and attracting qualified visitors to your business site?

1. Analyze competitors' strategy

It may seem simple as pie, but if your competitors manage to position themselves in the first results of search engines, it is certainly thanks to a relevant digital strategy. List all of your competitors and precisely analyze their communication devices on the internet. Videos? Blogging? Social networks? Sponsored links? Content with high added value? To beat your competitors on Google you have to take inspiration from their strategy, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each company to build your own digital presence, efficient and effective.

2. Choose qualified keywords to beat competitors on google.

The best way to distinguish yourself from the competition is sometimes to refuse to fight on the most used keywords and devote yourself to long tail expressions. These are queries made up of 3 to 5 words. If the search volume for these expressions is lower, their precision allows you to attract more qualified traffic, and therefore, generate leads. Thus, you position yourself more favorably than your competitors and thus attract the visitors most likely to become your customers.

3. Opt for eye-catching titles

The first element of your page that the user will see on Google will be the title. If it needs to be optimized for SEO (including the keyword, of course), a well-formulated title can be a great way to beat your competitors on Google. Choose a dynamic, intriguing or catchy commercial message that will encourage the user to click on your link. Page titles should not be too long in order to be visible in their entirety on search engine results pages.

4. Take care of meta-description

The meta description is a short summary (limited number of characters) of your web page. It has several uses. First of all, it participates in SEO and allows Google to identify the subject of your page. Then, the meta description appears below the page title in Google results but also on social media posts when you share a link. The meta description, like the title, must include the keyword and be carefully written to encourage the user to visit your site rather than your competitor's.

5. Optimize your Google Adwords strategy

This is certainly the best technique to beat your Google competitors: optimize your sponsored links campaign. Google Adwords campaigns allow you to be among the first links on the results pages. You must then bid on the keywords according to which you would like to position yourself.

The more competitive a keyword is, the higher the bid will be. But it is possible to lower costs with intelligent management of your campaigns: bet on the right keywords, optimize your ads and ad groups, improve your landing pages, write impactful ads, intelligently place your calls-to-action to increase your conversion rate and lower your acquisition cost… There are many techniques to make your Adwords campaigns more effective. An SEA expert will be able to advise you.

6. Update your site and page consistently

Imagine you searched on Google (What's the number of population of France) and you fall into an answer from a 5 years ago article, would this result be accurate for today ? Undoubtedly No ! That's why Google prioritize fresh content and fresh pages to give the users the most accurate and the most updated answers to their questions, and this what we call in SEO jargon "Freshness". When you consistently update and refresh your pages, this can be a boon for SEO. The notion of "freshness" can indeed be one of Google's ranking signals. In addition to new content, "refreshing articles, when sufficiently relevant and important, will allow the article newly crawled by a search engine robot to obtain better visibility", develops Marouane RHAFLI, SEO & eCommerce specialist at Scrowp.

7. Call on digital communication professionals.

Beating your competitors on Google requires the implementation of a relevant and effective digital strategy. It is a question of selecting the best devices to increase your visibility with a qualified target. A global digital strategy will allow you to stay ahead of the competition while boosting your growth thanks to the web.

An SEO agency help you achieve your goals through the internet. They will establish the best strategy according to your target, your real needs and your budget so that your company generates more.

The ROI (Return On Investment) philosophy, based on achievable and measurable results, allows you to easily monitor the effective impact of your web strategy. The data analysis is accompanied by proposals for areas of improvement to improve your online presence day after day and ensure that your company can finally beat its competitors on Google, and elsewhere.

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