How to add new sites?

After experiencing the benefits of Tag Parrot, you might be eager to integrate your next new website and harness its rapid indexing capabilities. Fortunately, the process of adding new sites is incredibly straightforward.

The only prerequisite is that the email address you employ to log in to Tag Parrot must have authorization for the specific site property you intend to add through Google Search Console. In simpler terms, you need to be on the user list for that property. You can verify this by accessing Google Search Console using the same login credentials as your Tag Parrot account. If you can spot the property in the dropdown menu, you're good to go.

Assuming everything checks out, return to the Manage Sites page and simply click the Import Sites button. This action prompts us to synchronize your site list directly from Google Search Console, subsequently displaying the newly added site. At this point, you're all set to activate the "Enable" switch and get started.

But what if your account lacks access within Google Search Console?

Reach out to the individual managing the property or log in using an alternate account that possesses the necessary access. Following that, effortlessly include your Tag Parrot login email to the access list in settings.

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