What does "Awaiting Status" actually mean?

One key feature of Tag Parrot is its ability to provide you with an up-to-date snapshot of your Google indexing status. Gone are the days of waiting anxiously for up to four days for the Indexing report in Google Search Console to refresh. With Tag Parrot, you gain immediate insight into your website's current standing.

Yet, for larger websites, we encounter a slight hurdle due to limitations imposed by Google's API regarding the number of pages we can monitor daily. Currently, Google limits us to 2,000 pages per day.

So, what does this mean for you? If your site boasts more than 2,000 pages, it implies that we cannot immediately gather the status of every single page upon enabling the site. Instead, we embark on a daily process, gradually processing your pages as quickly as possible.

Awaiting Status

During this process, pages awaiting a status will be labeled as "Awaiting Status." For instance, if your site boasts 5,000 pages, rest assured that within the initial three days, we'll complete the initial collection. However, for expansive sites, a bit of patience may be required as we meticulously work through each page.

To help with this challenge we are also leveraging Google Search Console analytics data. By identifying pages currently receiving impressions through search, we can confidently infer that they are already indexed. Consequently, we label these pages as "Likely Indexed" even before collecting their actual status. This enables us to exclude them from the Auto Index process, streamlining the indexing procedure for you.

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  • How to add new sitemaps?

    Need to add a new sitemap for one of your sites to Tag Parrot? This can all be achieved via the Manage Sites page and syncing your site with GSC.

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  • Why do you require Owner permissions?

    We understand that the initial request to add your personal unique Tag Parrot service account as an Owner within your Google Search Console account may seem a bit intrusive, and we agree – it can be annoying.

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  • How does Tag Parrot index pages?

    There's no need for secret techniques when it comes to getting your pages indexed swiftly – we rely on the official Google Indexing API, designed explicitly for this purpose.

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  • How do I index more than 200 pages per day?

    Boost your indexing journey by choosing a plan with a higher indexing limit. Whether you're managing numerous websites or dealing with one massive site with an abundance of pages, having a higher quota is the key to expedited progress.

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