When will the indexed pages appear in GSC?

When you submit your pages for indexing, please be aware that the results won't appear instantly on the Google Search Console (GSC) indexing report. This is due to a slight delay in the report's update process, which is essential to comprehend when interpreting the indexing data.

The Google Search Console indexing report and the real-time status of indexed pages exhibit a time lag. Typically, the indexing report is refreshed every 3-4 days in today's landscape. Consequently, any pages you have submitted and indexed may not be immediately visible in the report; rather, they will only be reflected once the report has been updated beyond the date of their indexing.

Curious about the current update status of the report? Simply head to the Indexing report in Google Search Console, and you'll find the "Last Updated" date at the top right corner. Always check this date to ensure that you are viewing the most recent data.

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